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13 February 2011 @ 10:12 pm
The Short Tale of Shoshanna  
If you can't handle plastic behinds, beware of the doll nudity in this post.

I have a great aunt in Mozambique who, as my grandmother was, is a seamstress.
She has made several dresses, including my aunt Lurdes' wedding dress -- I single this one out because it was the only one I got to see in action. Oh, and my ringbearer girl dress, but that one was simple and embarassing so I enjoy not thinking about it.

Anyway, this is why she's... dun dun dun... making dresses for my Pullip dolls! Hopefully!
Someone in my family or close to my family, who I don't really know, is flying off to visit her on Thursday, and my mother thought of asking her to make the dresses (originally, I had asked my mother) out of the scraps of fabrics she keeps.

And so, besides photos of dresses I like, and pullip body measurements which I've yet to google, my mother decided it'd be a good idea to send her a doll so that she could try the dresses on.

Not a Pullip, heavens no.
But one of those faux-Barbies, which to my little experience, more or less resemble a Pullip's body, everywhere but the chest.

Enter Shoshanna.
Shoshanna was not called Shoshanna until a few hours ago, when I decided to name her. Yes, borrowed from Inglorious Basterds.
She "came in the dress" I most recently bought for my dolls. Because I bought her for the dress, not the doll, and so she was a spare for any devious purposes I would come to have.

At some point I thought of making her Danger Girl, a doll that would overcome all sorts of dangerous photos I would never dare putting my beloved Pullips in. And so, if she fell or anything like that... no harm done!

But it seems she was deserving of a greater purpose, and so, will travel to a somewhat faraway land.

As a farewell, and a bit due to Sunday boredom, I decided to grab a CD marker and have some fun with her. Since I'm never going to see her again*, I wasn't losing that much.

*I asked my mother if that relative-or-close that was going to Mozambique couldn't bring her back along with the dresses, but my mother said she might want the luggage space to carry other things and we shouldn't bother her that far. I understand, although the doll hardly weighs anything and doesn't take up that much space.
Anyway, as my mother said there are plenty of poor kids around where my great aunt lives, maybe she'll be the delight of some little girl. I hope so.

What sort of events transpired with the use of a CD marker?

It started here:

Maybe I should've stopped there, but I got carried away and ended up doing all of her back.

And so, this happened:

(Sidenote: CHECK OUT MY SEXY WINTER PIJAMA PANTS! *sigh* I could've at least looked for another background that didn't feature acorns and pumpkins, I know.)

And finished up with a little detail on her leg:

I'm aware the doodling is all very clumsy, but all of it together, works.

Of course, after all of this decoration (which was all fun and no work), I'll be sad to see her go.
But at least I took these photos to remember her by, right?

Like I said, I really do hope she leads a happy life in the hands of a little girl.
I at least tried to make her a little bit unique.

Au revoir, Shoshanna!
(I had to.)
Jasmine Wolf: MH - Ixchelle Facedark_skada on February 14th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
This looks awesome! And I can't wait to see the resulting awesome clothings.
asukalostlain on February 14th, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC)
I can't wait either! ^___^